Library Director Job Posting

The Library Board of Trustees of Sheboygan Falls Memorial Library in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin is accepting applications for the full-time position of Library Director. Candidates must possess or meet requirements for a Grade 1 Wisconsin Library Director Certification. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: managerial, administrative and financial operations of the library under the direction of the Library Board. A full job description and more information can be found at http://www.sheboyganfallslibrary.org/

Please submit your resume, cover letter and references by January 28, 2015 to shebfallslibraryboard@gmail.com with “Director Search” in the Subject line.

Informational Links

Chamber of Commerce: http://www.sheboyganfalls.org/

City of Sheboygan Falls: http://www.cityofsheboyganfalls.com/

School District of Sheboygan Falls: http://www.sheboyganfalls.k12.wi.us/



Pay Grade: Determined by the Library Board of Trustees            Hours of Work: 40 per week

The Library Director shall be the administrator of the Library under the direction and review of the Library Board of Trustees. The Director shall be responsible for the Library property, hiring of personnel and direction of the staff. In addition, the Director shall be responsible for operation of the Library under the financial conditions set forth in the annual budget.

I.  Responsible for planning and development.

  1. Creates and executes the five-year-plan.
  2. Maintains and implements library policies and procedures.
  3. Monitors the local community’s library needs.
  4. Acts as the representative of Memorial Library to the City of Sheboygan Falls, the               Eastern Shores Library System and the community.
  5. Initiates new library activities.

II.  Responsible for the staff.

  1. Directs the staff or the library toward optimal performance and assigns work as                          necessary.
  2. Reviews job descriptions and conducts performance evaluations.
  3. Prepares the working schedule.
  4. Responsible for staff’s ongoing educational needs.

III. Responsible for library operations.

  1. Prepares agenda, reports and statistics for the Library Board of Trustees’ monthly    meetings.
  2. Prepares annual budget.
  3. Negotiates prices for equipment, supplies and materials.
  4. Submits purchase orders and invoices to the City of Sheboygan Falls and reconciles    accounts.
  5. Submits payroll to the City of Sheboygan Falls.
  6. Maintains financial records for the library.
  7. Prepares State Annual Report for review and approval by the Library Board of    Trustees.

IV.  Responsible for technology

  1. Responsible for a five-year technology plan.
  2. Responsible for the library’s EASICAT participation.
  3. Maintains technology to support library functions.

V.   Other responsibilities.

  1. Selects or directs selection of materials for all media and age groups.
  2. Acts as reference librarian for the Library.
  3. Liaison to the Friends of the Library.
  4. Oversees the physical maintenance of the Library.


Qualifications: Eligible for Grade I Certification.